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George W Bush in Alphabetical Order

We’ve  posted a few of the many State of the Union remixes here before, but this one called “Qaeda Quality Question Quickly Quickly Quiet” made by Lenka Clayton using George W. Bush’s 2002 speech is especially unique. Clayton cuts out each word of the former President’s speech and carefully pieces them all back together again […]

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Move Your Money: It’s a Wonderful Life Recontextualized

Eugene Jarecki, a documentary filmmaker who’s work includes the 2005 documentary Why We Fight, created this remix after making the connection between the current big bank bailout that fostered record profits and the story in the classic Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life. In the film, community banker George Bailey helps the people of […]

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Election Collectibles 2000

Bryan Boyce remixes George W. Bush and Al Gore from the 2000 election race with classic home shopping network voices to have both candidates literally selling the campaign for president. A pointed comment on how candidates are bought and sold in much the same way as other products on television. This Political Remix Video is […]

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Letter to the Future President

A political mash-up video combing McCain, Bush and Obama speeches on energy policy created by the stimulator over at submedia. The video shows all three politicians saying exactly the same positive things about polluting, dangerous and unworkable energy alternatives. Basically all the US presidential candidates have been “drinking the Kool-ad” on nuclear, ethanol and the […]

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Club Iraq

A very disturbing remix from the video artist trio Wreck and Salvage. While not all of the collective’s work is political, this one definitely is. Titled “Club Iraq” because it combines rapper 50 Cent’s famous song “In Da Club” with audio of Bush’s invasion speech coupled with home videos taken by US soldiers in Iraq […]

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Episode II: Four More Years

Another Star Wars themed remix found on youtube, this one taking the audio of Obi Won Kenobi’s famous monologue in A New Hope: Episode 4 where he explains The Empire to a young Luke Skywalker and mixing it with footage of the Bush Administration and it’s War in Iraq. Here also is another slightly different […]

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State of the Empire 2004

One of many Star Wars themed Political Remix Videos, this one by Chris Campbell and uses the Star Wars movies combined with Fox News footage of the US invasion of Iraq and George Bush’s “State of the Union” speech to create a “Sate of the Empire”. ####

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The Sound of My Voice

FEB/13/09 – Youtube says this video is “private”, that’s all the info we have, but it was once available for viewing and now is not. Another remix by ATMO films in their Read My Lips mashup series. In this one they carefully cut up and digitally manipulate George W Bush’s Iraq invasion speech to make […]

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Victory in Iraq

A remix from Minitrue.com of George Bush’s infamous “Victory in Iraq” aircraft carrier landing speech that also mixes in a bit of footage and imperial music from the Star Wars movies. ####

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Bush Vs. Zombies

Another political remix that uses a combination of appropriated footage from a presidential news conference cut with original footage shot for the purpose on a green screen. ####

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