The Price is Creepy – Bob Barker Supercut

In this remix, Rich Juzwiak illuminates the sexist behavior of famous TV game show host Bob Barker form The Price is Right. He carefully collected and placed back-to back a series of short clips of Barker making patronizing and downright creepy comments to female contestants. Rich’s use of 1970’s era game show episodes demonstrates the potential power of the supercut remix genre to reveal or highlight something that might otherwise be missed during casual viewing. We have posted Rich’s remixes of reality television before and this one ranks as one of our favorites.

From Rich’s blog post about the remix:

These are all from the ’70s, way before he was sued for sexual harassment. Clearly, even in the early days, he was on his path to destruction. I know women liked to run up on stage and bestow him with affection, but look: he started it! Also, obviously there’s a disconnect between what was appropriate then versus now. At least we can look at this and realize how far we’ve progressed in the past 35-years…at least, publicly. Ugh, and even the stuff that isn’t downright lascivious is still gross: unless you’re a drunk in an office cheering on those three women who have come in to shake up the male-dominated establishment, you should not be telling women, “Atta girl!” Ever.

NOTE: The original account where this video lived has now been deleted by YouTube due to “multiple copyright violations”. Yet another example of a remix video account that has been removed by fraudulent copyright claims despite the fact that the video works were all clearly fair use. Luckily for us this remixer has multiple backup accounts for his work. Not surprising since this is not the first time his account have been deleted by the google-bots.

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