Stay Awake – Don’t Get Pregnant on TV

Between the ominous acapella version of the classic Mary Poppins song performed by Suzanne Vega and the skin crawling subject matter in this vid, Laura Shapiro has expertly remixed and brought to light a reoccurring problem in women’s science fiction representations. All to often female characters in science fiction and fantasy television narratives are forcibly impregnated with some supernatural being that will bring destruction/salvation to the world. The demonic/alien pregnancy plot device is so pervasive that the remix artist almost had too much source material to work with.

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Laura uses scenes of women who have been forcibly knocked up, had their ovaries harvested or otherwise reduced to their basic biological functions, ultimately becoming nothing but baby making machines.  And it’s not only forced pregnancies that Laura is critiquing but also women carrying natural, wanted fetuses whose wombs are being used as sites of torture.  She used clips from science fiction and fantasy television shows to explore what she sees as reproductive terrorism, “the way women’s reproductive capacity is used to colonize them and made to seem unnatural, spooky, disgusting, and horrifying.” Laura has created a stunning visual critique that exposes this sexist TV trope that can only be described as “creepy”.

To see her original post visit her Dreamwidth blog and watch her other vids at  We have previously featured Laura’s “Wouldn’t it be Nice” vid.

Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist media literacy advocate, pop culture critic and fair use proponent.  She maintains an ongoing web series of video commentaries from a fangirl/feminist/anti-oppression perspective at her website

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