Too Many Dicks (Video Games)

This remix by Anita Sarkeesian of appropriates the sexist song “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” by Flight of the Conchords to critique the male domination, hyper masculinity and glorification of violence in popular video games. The video uses source material from 39 different games and was inspired by Sloane’s “Star Trek Dance Floor” vid which comments on the lack of women in the Star Trek movie re-boot released last year. (Incidentally, Sloane’s vid also holds the distinction of being the most viewed post on our blog.)

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Once paired with the misogynist lyrics, the games’ imagery of guns, swords and chainsaws become phallic representations of patriarchal power in a virtual world where few women exist. Especially lacking are female characters who are not hypersexualized and/or simply replicating the intense violence of male game heroes. Anita’s remix uses the lyrics to highlight two games in particular (both with women of color protagonists) that help counter the genre’s male dominance: Portal, a first person action puzzle game which utilizes non-violent problem solving strategies, and Mirror’s Edge, a less-violent adventure game involving the navigation of a dystopian city maze. You can also see a list of all the games used in this remix on

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