One Girl Revolution

UPDATE DEC 5th 2009: You can now view this vid again on Arefadedaway’s LiveJournal page here.

[As of June 30th 2009 Imeem has unilaterally removed all user generated videos including this one. Their reason for decimating 1000s of people’s creative work and the communities around it? “There is no ROI for UGV”. That unbelievable answer makes us nauseous. When this video is available again on another sharing site we will re-post it.]

Continuing our posts highlighting vidding. Arefadedaway has created this multi-fan vid as a contradiction to TV shows and movies that exploit and victimize female characters within their storylines. The source material is an impressive list of 89 different sci-fi, action, drama and comedy fandoms edited to “One Girl Revolution” by Superchick. Featuring 155 female characters, the vid celebrates women as agents, actively using their bodies as subjects rather than objects. Shots of women walking are continuously repeated to illustrate that women are never passively standing still.

Since the entertainment industry has had a large influence in defining and devaluing feminine characters, it is not surprising that depictions of strong women in mass media narratives have been hyper sexualized and fetishized. The character is tough and independent by day and a seductress by night. She is a strong female character but she is merely re-producing a male defined concept of what a strong women should look like. Although some of the heroines (like Tomb Raider) collected in this vid seem to have been created as male fantasies in their original movie roles, Arefadedaway has carefully taken them out of that context and placed them next to other strong female characters in one inspiring vid that celebrates the physical strength of women.

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