Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

In this, our second post showcasing the remix form vidding, we present an example of a “slash” vid playfully set to Wouldn’t It Be Nice? by the Beach Boys. It’s an older vid by Laura Shapiro paying homage to some of the most famous fan slash pairings by remixing characters form many popular movies and TV shows. She not only highlights slash and femslash relationships but also celebrates existing on-screen gay and lesbian relationships. Check out Laura’s Blip Channel and website more of her vids.

The term “slash” refers to a same-sex pairing of TV and movie characters placed into sexual or romantic relationships by fans in their own fan fiction, art or vids. The first slash works were created in the 1970s by fans re-imagining a queer relationship between Star Trek’s Kirk and Spock. Typically slash refers to male/male stories, but depending on who you ask it can also mean female/female pairings (which are also called femslash). In the current heteronormative mass media landscape we definitely consider slash vids like these to be queer-positive forms of remix.

Here is a much more detailed description of slash from the FanLore site.

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